Claudia is a health conscious chef and postpartum Doula. Her personal brand is a fundamental part of her job, the daily networking allow the future clients to source information on the web. Building a solid social media figure was a must.
Claudia food’s style is tasty and elegant, strongly related to her background as manager of several restaurant in Europe. Her vision was clear, building her story was a combination of elements between the healthy approach and extremely curated presentation. The biggest challenge was to provide a clear idea of what her differentiator was against the classic doula.
The branding is a 360 kit, from the handwritten logo to the social media 1st step strategy meant to build a trustworthy image in the top clients. We organized several photoshoot where Claudia was able to show her quality as chef.
Brand Identity
Responsive Web Design
Content creation for social media and digital marketing.

All successful businesses have grown to know their audiences very well. Social media have given an opportunity and platform to connect with individuals, and is such an important part of brand strategy.