Bandero is a tequila Brand produced in Mexico and owned by the Rokit Group. The characteristics of the liquid that set the product apart from the competitor are its sipping quality, not common for a tequila.
The challenge was to keep a cohesive look and consistent messaging across all the channels while developing a new brand. An intense study of the market and several partners help us to grow organically and quickly.
The first step to set the win for the brand was to create solid and articulate brand guidelines. Defining all the rules in detail was fundamental, since the brand has different needs, from print to digital advertising, for B2C and B2B marketing collateral, video and social media production, commercial usage, just to mention some of the areas where the brand had to live. I had the opportunity to work as an art/creative director helping the brand to develop and find his voice.
Brand Guidelines
B2B Presentation Deck
Website UI/UX
Wireframe + Prototype
Style Guide + Components
Selected artboards (Desktop)
Selected Artboards (Mobile)
Social media are now more than ever part of our daily routine. The strategy adopted to tell the brand story is always contemporary and fresh. The core identity and value of the brand are always the focus of the narration. 

Digital Ads Campaigns
Print Ads