Anaheim Brewery is a local institution with a famous past life; first opening its doors in 1870. By Prohibition, the beloved brewery was forced to close its doors. Fast forward to 2011, when the brewery reopened with four flagship brews and a few seasonal drafts throughout the year.
We helped the company to strategically place the Anaheim Brewery brand as authentic, dynamic and refined. A slick interface with a customer-centric experience was the solution to bring together two different types of customers. The UI/UX was built ad-hoc for web, mobile and tablet to engage tech-savvy Gen Y users. The redesign of the product page was meant to be more friendly. With heatmaps, we found that users weren’t seeing all of the storytelling content on product pages so we simplified the content. 
The conclusion was a refreshed and confident brand ready to enter the national scene of craft beers. Unique and authentic. We worked also on the launch of the rebranding, including digital campaign, print collateral, packaging design and merchandise.
Create a story & example the customer base.
The challenge was to expand the brand, keeping the authenticity and the trust gained during the years. The solution was renovating their identity without denying the core value of the brand. Genuine with a bold legacy mixed with a forward-thinking approach to suite craft beer fanatics. To build a solid story we had to research in the archive of the brewery to find valuable content to reshape and elevate.
Responsive Logo + Personalized Icons

To build out the visual language, we had to make sure to keep the elements from the heritage and modernize them. We crafted a system of icons and symbols.
Responsive Wireframe
Responsive UI/UX